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Fact sheets that can be viewed at WHO

No.193 : Mobile phone (Reviewed October 2014)                                                                                         PDF file (299kB)


Fact sheets and others published so far

No.181 : The International EMF project                                          (Reviewed May 1998)                            PDF file (239kB)
No.182 : Physical properties and effects on biological systems     (Reviewed May 1998) PDF file (242kB)
No.183 : Health effects of radiofrequency fields                             (Reviewed May 1998) PDF file (242kB)
No.184 : Public perception of EMF risks                                         (Reviewed May 1998) PDF file(237kB)
No.201 : Video display units (VDUs)                                               (Reviewed July 1998) PDF file(242kB)
No.205 : Extremely low frequency (ELF)                                         (Reviewed November 1998) PDF file(292kB)
No.226 : Radars and human health                                                 (Reviewed June 1999) PDF file (255kB)
No.263 : Extremely low frequency fields and cancer                       (Reviewed October 2001) PDF file (334kB)
No.296 : Electromagnetic hypersensitivity                                       (Reviewed December 2005) PDF file (270kB)
No.299 : Static electric and magnetic fields                                     (Reviewed March 2006) PDF file (270kB)
No.304 : Base stations and wireless technologies                           (Reviewed May 2006) PDF file (263kB)
No.322 : Exposure to extremely low frequency fields                      (Reviewed June 2007) PDF file (329kB)


Information Sheet

Intermediate frequencies (IF)                    (February 2005)                                                                           PDF file (249kB)  
Microwave ovens                                       (February 2005) PDF file (238kB)
Effects of EMF on the environment           (February 2005) PDF file (257kB)


Cautionary policies                                    (March 2000)                                                                                    PDF file(289kB)


Environmental Health Criteria

No.232 : Static Fields                                                                                                                                    

Links (WHO)

No.238 : Extremely Low Frequency Fields

Links (WHO)


Establishing a Dialogue on Risks from Electromagnetic Fields

Establishing a Dialogue on Risks from Electromagnetic Fields                                                                    

PDF file(2,614kB)

WHO's Agenda For EMF Research 

Research Agenda               (1998)                                                              

PDF file (5,920kB)

RF Research Agenda            (2003)

PDF file (106kB)

Children's EMF Research Agenda        (2004)

PDF file (167kB)

RF Research Agenda            (2006)

PDF file ( 94kB)

Static Fields Research Agenda        (2006)

PDF file ( 76kB)

ELF Fields Research Agenda          (2007)

PDF file ( 95kB)

WHO RF Research Agenda          (2010)                                                                                 

PDF file (667kB)