New Publications ( 1-15/July/2021)



2 August, 2021.


Here you find an list of new published articles that will be added to the JEIC Reserch Database when they are ready. 


(1) Effects of communicating uncertainty descriptions in hazard identification, risk characterization, and risk protection.

Wiedemann P, Boerner FU, Freudenstein F

Jülich Research Centre(Germany)

PLoS One 2021; 16 (7): e0253762


(2) Occupational exposure to metal-rich particulate matter modifies the expression of repair genes in foundry workers.

Panjali Z, Hahad O, Rajabi F, Maddah S, Zendehdel R

Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences(Iran)

Toxicol Ind Health 2021: Online


(3) Biological Effects of Hypomagnetic Field: Ground-Based Data for Space Exploration.

Zhang Z, Xue Y, Yang J, Shang P, Yuan X

School of Life Sciences, Northwestern Polytechnical University(China)

Bioelectromagnetics 2021: Online


(4) Effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on flora and fauna, Part 2 impacts: how species interact with natural and man-made EMF.

Levitt BB, Lai HC, Manville AM(USA)

Rev Environ Health 2021: Online


(5) Environmental impacts of 5G: A literature review of effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic field exposure of non-human vertebrates, invertebrates and plants.

Thielens A

Ghent University(Belgium)

European Parliament 2021


(6) 0.1 THz exposure affects primary hippocampus neuron gene expression via alternating transcription factor binding.

Shang S, Wu X, Zhang Q, Zhao J, Hu E, Wang L, Lu X

Xi'an Jiaotong University(China)

Biomed Opt Express 2021; 12 (6): 3729-3742


(7) Review of the scientific evidence on the individual sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EHS).

Leszczynski D

Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry, University of Helsinki(Finland)

Rev Environ Health 2021: Online


(8) Exposure to long-term evolution radiofrequency electromagnetic fields decreases neuroblastoma cell proliferation via Akt/mTOR-mediated cellular senescence.

Kim JH, Jeon S, Choi HD, Lee JH, Bae JS, Kim N, Kim HG, Kim KB, Kim HR

Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, Dankook University(Korea)

J Toxicol Environ Health A 2021: Online


(9) Health Council of the Netherlands and evaluation of the fifth generation, 5G, for wireless communication and cancer risks.

Hardell L

The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation(Sweden)

World J Clin Oncol 2021; 12 (6): 393-403


(10) Environmental and occupational exposures associated with male infertility.

Marić T, Fučić A, Aghayanian A

University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Department of Medical Biology(Croatia)

Arh Hig Rada Toksikol 2021; 72 (3): 101-113