• The protective effect of vitamin supplementation (E and E + C) on passive avoidance learning and memory during exposure to 900 MHz RFW emitted from BTS.
    BTS[携帯電話基地局]から発せられた900 MHz RFW[無線周波電磁波]へのばく露中の受動的回避学習および記憶に対するビタミン補充(EおよびE + C)の防護効果
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  • Trace elements homeostasis in brain exposed to 900 MHz RFW emitted from a BTS-antenna model and the protective role of vitamin E.
    BTS[携帯電話基地局]アンテナモデルから発せられた900 MHzの無線周波にばく露した脳内での微量元素の恒常性およびビタミンEの防護的役割
    Azimzadeh M, Jelodar G
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    High Magnetic Field Laboratory Key Laboratory of High Magnetic Field and Ion Beam Physical Biology Hefei Institutes of Physical Science Chinese Academy of Sciences(中国)
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  • Gaps in Knowledge Relevant to the "Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Time-Varying Electric and Magnetic Fields (1 Hz-100 kHz)".
    「時間変化する電界および磁界(1 Hzから100 kHzまで)へのばく露制限のためのガイドライン」に関連した知識のギャップ
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  • The effect of vitamin E and C on comet assay indices and apoptosis in power plant workers: A double blind randomized controlled clinical trial.
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