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  • Differential Method for Determining the Specific Absorption Rate of Electromagnetic Energy of a Liquid Phantom

    Rano D, Yelizarov AA, Nazarov IV, Skuridin AA, Zakirova EA
    "National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIITD)(インド)
    " Measurement Techniques 2023: Online

  • Human Exposure to Non-Ionizing Radiation from Indoor Distributed Antenna System: Shopping Mall Measurement Analysis

    da Luz Andrade Silva J, de Sousa Jr VA, Rodrigues MEC, Pinheiro FSR, da Silva GS, Mendonça HB, de F H Silva RQ, da Silva JVL, Galdino FES, de Carvalho VFC, Medeiros LIC
    Graduate Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering (PPgEEC), Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte(ブラジル)
    Sensors 2023; 23 (10): 4579

  • Independent, modified, and interacting effects of long-term noise, extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields, and shift work exposures on liver enzymes

    Khosravipour M, Ghanbari Kakavandi M, Gharagozlou F, Nadri F, Barzegar A, Emami K, Valadi Athar H
    Department of Occupational Health Engineering, School of Public Health, Tehran University of Medical Sciences(イラン)
    Environ Pollut 2023: 122036

  • Estimation of the general population and children under five years of age in France exposed to magnetic field from high or very high voltage power line using geographic information system and extrapolated field data

    Deshayes-Pinçon F, Morlais F, Roth-Delgado O, Merckel O, Lacour B, Launoy G, Launay L, Dejardin O
    MapInMed, Platon, University of Caen Normandy UCN(フランス)
    Environ Res 2023; 232: 116425

  • Impact of Radiofrequency Exposure from Mobile Phones on the Risk of Developing Brain Tumors in Korean and Japanese Adolescents: A MOBI-Kids Case-Control Study

    Kojimahara N, Lee YH, Lee AK, Bae S, Kwon HJ, Ha M, Sato Y, Taki M, Wiart J, Langer CE, Cardis E
    Section of Epidemiology, Shizuoka Graduate University of Public Health(日本)
    J Epidemiol 2023: Online

  • Modifiable risk factors for glioblastoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis

    Yoshikawa MH, Rabelo NN, Telles JPM, Figueiredo EG
    Neurology Department, University of São Paulo(ブラジル)
    Neurosurg Rev 2023; 46 (143): 143

  • Investigation of Power Levels Related to Different EMF Exposure Metrics at 6 GHz

    6 GHzでの異なる電磁界ばく露指標に関連する電力レベルの調査
    El Hajj W, Roman J, Yao Z, Paxman R, De Santis V
    Intel Corporation(フランス)
    IEEE Access 2023; 11: 62174-62179

  • How to Control Exposure to Fifth-Generation Radiofrequencies in Preterm Newborns in Incubator

    Chardon K, Delanaud S, Tourneux P, Stephan Blanchard E
    PeriTox Laboratory, UMR-I 01 INERIS, Picardie Jules Verne University(フランス)
    Neonatology 2023: Online

  • Myocardial capacity of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation in response to prolonged electromagnetic stress

    Savchenko L, Martinelli I, Marsal D, Zhdan V, Tao J, Kunduzova O
    National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) (フランス)
    Front Cardiovasc Med 2023; 10: 1205893

  • Reactive Oxygen Species in the Adverse Outcome Pathway Framework: Toward Creation of Harmonized Consensus Key Events

    Tanabe S, O'Brien J, Tollefsen KE, Kim Y, Chauhan V, Yauk C, Huliganga E, Rudel RA, Kay JE, Helm JS, Beaton D, Filipovska J, Sovadinova I, Garcia-Reyero N, Mally A, Poulsen SS, Delrue N, Fritsche E, Luettich K, La Rocca C, Yepiskoposyan H, Klose J, Danielsen PH, Esterhuizen M, Jacobsen NR, Vogel U, Gant TW, Choi I, FitzGerald R, The Mystery of ROS Consortium
    Division of Risk Assessment, Center for Biological Safety and Research, National Institute of Health Sciences(日本)
    Front Toxicol 2022; 4: 887135

  • High Gain Improved Planar Yagi Uda Antenna for 2.4 GHz Applications and Its Influence on Human Tissues

    2.4 GHzアプリケーション用の高利得改良型平面八木宇田アンテナおよびその人体組織への影響力
    Constantinescu C, Pacurar C, Giurgiuman A, Munteanu C, Andreica S, Gliga M
    Department of Electrotechnics and Measurements, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca(ルーマニア)
    Appl Sci 2023; 13 (11): 6678

  • Hippocampal ferroptosis is involved in learning and memory impairment in rats induced by microwave and electromagnetic pulse combined exposure

    Lai Y, Wang H, Xu X, Dong J, Song Y, Zhao H, Wu Y, Zhao L, Wang H, Zhang J, Yao B, Zou Y, Zhou H, Peng R
    Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine(中国)
    Environ Sci Pollut Res 2023: Online

  • Prevalence and correlation of multiple chemical sensitivity and electromagnetic hypersensitivity with age, sex, and depression in the Japanese population: a retrospective study

    Lu X, Hojo S, Mizukoshi A, Katoh T
    Department of Public Health, Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University(日本)
    BMC Public Health 2023; 23: 1205

  • Fuzzy Decision Algorithm for Health Impact Assessment in a 5G Environment

    Pantelic S, Vulevic B, Milic S
    Faculty of Diplomacy and Security, University Union-Nikola Tesla(セルビア)
    Appl Sci 2023; 13 (11): 6439

  • Large-Area Monitoring of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure Levels from Mobile Phone Base Stations and Broadcast Transmission Towers by Car-Mounted Measurements around Tokyo

    Onishi T, Esaki K, Tobita K, Ikuyo M, Taki M, Watanabe S
    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(日本)
    Electronics 2023; 12 (8): 1835

  • Effect of radiation emitted from mobile phone on bone marrow haematopoietic stem cell in mice

    Pei Y, Gao H, Zhang M, Wang X, Sun J, Zhou F, Zhu Y, Yang Y
    Department of Clinical Medicine, Tangshan Vocational and Technical College(中国)
    Radiat Eff Defects Solids 2023: Online

  • NextGEM: Next-Generation Integrated Sensing and Analytical System for Monitoring and Assessing Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure and Health

    Petroulakis N, Mattsson MO, Chatziadam P, Simko M, Gavrielides A, Yiorkas AM, Zeni O, Scarfi MR, Soudah E, Otin R, Schettino F, Migliore MD, Miaoudakis A, Spanoudakis G, Bolte J, Korkmaz E, Theodorou V, Zarogianni E, Lagorio S, Biffoni M, Schiavoni A, Boldi MR, Feldman Y, Bilik I, Laromaine A, Gich M, Spirito M, Ledent M, Segers S, Vargas F, Colussi L, Pruppers M, Baaken D, Bogdanova A
    Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH-ICS)(ギリシャ)
    Int J Environ Res Public Health 2023; 20 (12): 6085

  • Prevalence of Migraine Disease in Electrohypersensitive Patients

    Greco F, Garnier O, Macioce V, Picot MC
    Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine Gui de Chauliac, CHU Montpellier, University of Montpellier(カナダ)
    J Clin Med 2023; 12 (12): 4092