European Parliament adopted a resolution on “strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer”



28 February 2022

European Parliament, one of the legislative bodies of the European Union (EU), adopted “resolution of 16 February 2022 on strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer – towards a comprehensive and coordinated strategy”.

Among others, there are paragraphs regarding electromagnetic fields as follows:

Q.  whereas in 2011 the IARC classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans, based on an increased risk of glioma associated with mobile phone use; whereas there are studies, published in 2015 and 2018, showing a significant increase (more than doubling) in glioblastoma tumours over 20 years (1995-2015) in all age groups, and others showing the increased risk of glioblastoma associated with mobile and cordless phone use in people aged 18-80; whereas more studies are needed to establish these associated risks;

27.  Calls on the Commission to promote multidisciplinary scientific research on the existence of links between electromagnetic fields (EMFs), including 5G, and cancer in order to gather scientific evidence on the long-term effects of EMFs, and to inform the public in a timely manner of the outcome of those studies; calls for the promotion of research into the development of technology that reduces radio frequency exposure;