New Publications (1-15/April/2022)



16 May 2022


Here you find a list of new published articles that will be added to the JEIC Reserch Database when they are ready. 



(1) Exposure to Magnetic Fields Changes the Behavioral Pattern in Honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) under Laboratory Conditions.

Migdał P, Berbeć E, Bieńkowski P, Plotnik M, Murawska A, Latarowski K

Bee Division, Department of Environment, Hygiene and Animal Welfare, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences(Poland)

Animals 2022; 12 (7): 855


(2) The Microwave Auditory Effect.

Lin JC

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago(USA)

IEEE J Electromagn RF Microw Med Biol 2022; 6 (1): 16-28


(3) SAR and thermal distribution of pregnant woman and child inside elevator cabin.

Karatsi I, Bakogianni S, Koulouridis S

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Patras, Polytechnic School(Greece)

Int J Microw Wirel Technol 2022: Online


(4) The effect of mobile phone use at night on the sleep of pre-adolescent (8-11 year), early adolescent (12-14 year) and late adolescent (15-18 year) children: A study of 252,195 Australian children.

Correa VS, Centofanti S, Dorrian J, Wicking A, Wicking P, Lushington K

UniSA Justice and Society, University of South Australia(Australia)

Sleep Health 2022: Online


(5) Assessing the biological effects of microwave irradiation on human semen in vitro and determining the role of seminal plasma polyamines in this process.

Ploskonos MV, Zulbalaeva DF, Kurbangalieva NR, Ripp SV, Neborak EV, Blagonravov ML, Syatkin SP, Sungrapova K, Hilal A

Astrakhan State Medical University of The Healthcare Ministry of Russian Federation(Russia)

Biomed Rep 2022; 16 (5): 38


(6) EMI radiation of power transmission lines in Malaysia.

Fikry A, Lim SC, Ab Kadir MZA

Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University(Malaysia)

F1000Res 2021; 10: 1136


(7) Exposure to the electromagnetic field alters the transcriptomic profile in the porcine endometrium during the peri-implantation period.

Kozlowska W, Drzewiecka EM, Paukszto L, Zmijewska A, Wydorski PJ, Jastrzebski JP, Franczak A

Department of Animal Anatomy and Physiology, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn(Poland)

J Physiol Pharmacol 2021; 72 (6)


(8) Long-Term Wi-Fi Exposure From Pre-Pubertal to Adult Age on the Spermatogonia Proliferation and Protective Effects of Edible Bird's Nest Supplementation.

Jaffar FHF, Osman K, Hui CK, Zulkefli AF, Ibrahim SF

Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)(Malaysia)

Front Physiol 2022; 13: 828578


(9) Gender differences in effects of prenatal and postnatal exposure to electromagnetic field and prenatal zinc on behaviour and synaptic proteins in rats.

Acikgoz B, Ersoy N, Aksu I, Kiray A, Bagriyanik HA, Kiray M

Department of Physiology, Dokuz Eylul University Medical Faculty(Turkey)

J Chem Neuroanat 2022; 122: 102092


(10) A Description of ICNIRP'S Independent, Best Practice System of Guidance on the Protection of People and the Environment from Exposure to Non-Ionizing Radiation.

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)

Health Phys 2022: Online