New Publications (1-15/May/2022)



4 July 2022


Here you find a list of new published articles that will be added to the JEIC Reserch Database when they are ready. 



(1)  Extremely low frequency magnetic exposure attenuates oxidative stress and apoptotic cell death in injured spinal cord of rats

Ambalayam S, Mathur R

Department of Physiology, University College of Medical Sciences(India)

Indian J Exp Biol 2022; 60 (4): 248-257


(2) Absorbed/Epithelial Power Density Assessment Using Plane-Wave Spectrum Method From Inside the Skin Tissue Above 6 GHz

Jafari SF, Shirazi RS, Moradi G, Sibille A, Wiart J

Wave Propagation and Microwave Measurement Research Laboratory, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)(Iran)

IEEE Trans Instrum Meas 2022; 71: 1-8


(3) Survey of Exposure to RF Electromagnetic Fields in the Connected Car

Tognola G, Bonato M, Benini M, Aerts S, Gallucci S, Chiaramello E, Fiocchi S, Parazzini M, Masini BM, Joseph W, Wiart J, Ravazzani P

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Istituto di Elettronica e di Ingegneria dell’Informazione e delle Telecomunicazioni (IEIIT)(Italy)

IEEE Access 2022; 10: 47764-47781


(4) Effects of Long-Term and Multigeneration Exposure of Caenorhabditis elegans to 9.4 GHz Microwaves

Sun A, Zhao X, Li Z, Gao Y, Liu Q, Zhou H, Dong G, Wang C

Laboratory of Electromagnetic Biological Effects, Beijing Institute of Radiation and Medicine(China)

Bioelectromagnetics 2022: Online


(5) Correlation does not imply causation: decline of house sparrow overshadowed by electromagnetic radiation

Nath A, Singha H, Lahkar BP

Department of Ecology & Environmental Sciences, Assam University(India)

Urban Ecosyst 2022: Online


(6) Why electrohypersensitivity and related symptoms are caused by non-ionizing man-made electromagnetic fields: An overview and medical assessment

Belpomme D, Irigaray P

Medical Oncology Department, Paris University(France)

Environ Res 2022: 113374


(7) Thapsigargin blocks electromagnetic field-elicited intracellular Ca2+ increase in HEK 293 cells

Bertagna F, Lewis R, Silva SRP, McFadden J, Jeevaratnam K

Leverhulme Quantum Biology Doctoral Training Centre, University of Surrey(UK)

Physiol Rep 2022; 10 (9): e15189


(8) An overview of the biological effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields combined with ionizing radiation

Gholipour Hamedani B, Goliaei B, Shariatpanahi SP, Nezamtaheri M

Laboratory of Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB), University of Tehran(Iran)

Prog Biophys Mol Biol 2022: Online


(9) In-Situ 5G NR Base Station Exposure of the General Public: Comparison of Assessment Methods

Deprez K, Verloock L, Colussi L, Aerts S, Van Den Bossche M, Kamer J, Bolte J, Martens L, Plets D, Joseph W

Department of Information Technology, Ghent University/IMEC(Belgium)

Radiat Prot Dosimetry 2022: Online


(10) Genotoxic effects of electromagnetic field radiations from mobile phones

Jagetia GC

10Maharana Pratap Colony, Sector 13, Hiran Magri(India)

Environ Res 2022: Online


(11) The effect of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure on synthesis and release of steroid hormones by the porcine conceptuses during the peri-implantation period

Franczak A, Drzewiecka EM, Kozlowska W, Zmijewska A, Wydorski PJ, Koziorowska A

Department of Animal Anatomy and Physiology, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn(Poland)

Reprod Fertil Dev 2022: Online


(12) A cross-sectional and histological analysis to understand the cytological effects of cell phone radiation on buccal mucosa of children

Srujana Aravinda VS, Kandregula CR, Muppa R, Krishna MM, Nikitha BS, Yenni M

Department of Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Anil Neerukonda Institute of Dental Sciences(India)

J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent 2022; 40 (1): 74-80


(13) Occupational electromagnetic spectrum hazards and the significance of artificial optical radiation: country report for Greece

Gourzoulidis GA, Karabetsos E, Bourousis C, Tyrakis C, Flouris AD, Maris TG, Topalis FV

Hellenic Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs(Greece)

Med Lav 2022; 113 (2): e2022016


(14) Electromagnetic field exposure alters in vitro estrogen biosynthesis and its release by the porcine endometrium in the peri-implantation period

Kozlowska W, Drzewiecka EM, Zmijewska A, Franczak A

Department of Animal Anatomy and Physiology, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn(Poland)

Reprod Biol 2022; 22 (2): 100642


(15) Effects of Moderate to High Static Magnetic Fields on Reproduction

Song C, Yu B, Wang J, Zhu Y, Zhang X

High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences(China)

Bioelectromagnetics 2022: Online