New Publications (16-31/May/2024)



29 Jun 2024


Here you find a list of newly published articles that will be added to the JEIC Reserch Database when they are ready. 



(1) Regression calibration of self-reported mobile phone use to optimize quantitative risk estimation in the COSMOS study


Reedijk M, Portengen L, Auvinen A, Kojo K, Heinävaara S, Feychting M, Tettamanti G, Hillert L, Elliott P, Toledano MB, Smith RB, Heller J, Schüz J, Deltour I, Poulsen AH, Johansen C, Verheij R, Peeters P, Rookus M, Traini E, Huss A, Kromhout H, Vermeulen R, COSMOS Study Group

University of Utrecht, Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, Utrecht, the Netherlands (The Netherlands)

Am J Epidemiol 2024; Online


(2) Radio frequency electromagnetic radiations interfere with the Leydig cell functions in-vitro


Jangid P, Rai U, Singh R

Department of Environmental Studies, Satyawati College, University of Delhi (India)

PLoS One 2024; 19 (5): e0299017


(3) Whole-body SAR measurements of millimeter-wave base station in reverberation chambers


Eilers Bischoff J, Joshi P, Colombi D, Xu B, Toernevik C

Ericsson Research, Ericsson AB (Sweden)

Int J Microw Wirel Technol 2024; Online


(4) Trends in childhood leukemia incidence in urban countries and their relation to environmental factors, including space weather


Khabarova O, Pinaev SK, Chakov VV, Chizhov AY, Pinaeva OG

Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

Front Public Health 2024; 12: 1295643


(5) Analysis of the metabolic profile of humans naturally exposed to RF-EM radiation


Rangesh NM, Malaisamy AK, Kumar N, Kumar S

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology (India)

Metabolomics 2024; 20 (3): 55


(6) Evaluation of Electromagnetic Exposure in Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Electric Vehicles


Bang KW, Park SW, Bae HG, Lee BY, Oh HM, Park CU, Baek SH

Division of Electronic Engineering, College of Engineering, School of Engineering, Soonchunhyang University (Korea)

J Electromagn Eng Sci 2024; 24 (1): 34-41


(7) Investigation of the neuroprotective effect of crocin against electromagnetic field-induced cerebellar damage in male Balb/c mice


Hajinejad M, Narouiepour A, Alipour F, Ebrahimzadeh-Bideskan A

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, School of Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (Iran)

Avicenna J Phytomed 2024; 14 (3): 289-296


(8) Effects of recall and selection biases on modeling cancer risk from mobile phone use: Results from a case-control simulation study


Bouaoun L, Byrnes G, Lagorio S, Feychting M, Abou-Bakre A, Beranger R, Schüz J

Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology Branch, International Agency for Research on Cancer (International)

Epidemiology 2024; Online


(9) RF-EMF Exposure Assessment of Fetus During The First Trimester of Pregnancy


Sandeep S, Vard A, Guxens M, Bloch I, Wiart J

"Srikumar Sandeep

LTCI, Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris (France)"

IEEE Access 2024; 12: 75311-75322


(10) Electromagnetic field exposure monitoring of commercial 28-GHz band 5G base stations in Tokyo, Japan


Liu S, Tobita K, Onishi T, Taki M, Watanabe S

Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan)

Bioelectromagnetics 2024; Online